5 Easy Ways to Increase Page Reach

We've all been there:  Just when we think we've figured out something that works on our FB Page, something changes and it doesn't work anymore.  Have no fear!  Here are five simple, reliable ways to increase Reach.


1) Post Right Before Your Fans Come Online

Go to your Page Insights and click "Posts".  The second graph shows you when your users are online.  It's counter-intuitive, but you should actually post in the times right before there is an uptick.  Fewer of your fans will initially see the post, but any engagement will increase the likelihood that the next fan will see it.  Here's an example from one of our Pages.  We always try to take advantage of these green zones. 


2)  Post at Odd Times Like 8:11 am

This is one of those weird tricks that makes TONS of sense when you think about it.  Almost 90% of big FB Pages schedule out posts in advance, and these always come either on the hour (8:00 am) or half-hour (8:30 am).  Because of this, the FB feed gets flooded with posts at these times and so it's less likely yours will be seen.  But if you schedule your post for 8:11 am, more people will see it. 


3)  Make Explicit Asks of Your Users

It may seem too aggressive or patronizing, but it works.  If you want them to click on your latest story, try an intro that ends with a line like, "Click on the photo below for the story."  Or if you'd like users to share something, make an explicit ask that connects to the content.  For instance, if it is something that makes you smile, end with, "Hit 'Share' below to pass on the smile..."


4)  "Like" and Respond to Fan Posts

We all know that it's valuable to respond to people's comments, but it's even more valuable to respond to the users who actually visit the Page itself and post something.  When you do this, it increases the likelihood that that user's friends will see their post, which potentially opens up an entire new fan base for you.  


5)  Go With What Works, But Use Real Data!

The last trick is an easy one: Go with what has worked, but make sure it's based on real data.  When you visit your Page Insights, go to "Posts" and click "Post Types".  This will show you a graphic like the one below

The data you see here is averaged across a long time span, so you can get a good sense of the potential reach of each type of post.  As we all know, the range for each post can be huge, but this data will give you reliable data about what works best.  Always go with that if you want a sure thing, but as we will explain in a later post, it's important to vary post types throughout the week.  But in the case of the above data, we would make sure we were posting photos at 8:11 am!

We hope you've enjoyed this post and found it helpful.  Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from PageReach!